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Getting Involved to Impact Maryland

March 24th, 2012
By Rebekah Swieringa

Lawmakers across the country and attempting to pass new legislation in response to the devastating Casey Anthony case in which a Florida mother reported her 2-year old daughter was missing an entire month after her disappearance. Months later, Casey was found dead. Despite inconsistencies with Casey Anthony’s case, there was not enough evidence to prove Anthony’s guilt.

The new bills being thought about in multiple state legislatures is attempting to tighten the system and shorten the amount of time that can pass before a parent reports their child as missing. Lawmakers rejected a bill on Wednesday that would have required parents to know their children were safe in any 24-hour period. Iowa Rep. Julian Garret commented, “They saw what they thought was an injustice. We need to have some response.”

  Bills are being turned into laws constantly without our realization. Although the Maryland state legislature has a website,, containing many pending laws, many of them tend to escape our thoughts, but sigh school students can become involved with helping pass or halt controversial laws. Although most high school students are not even old enough to vote in the presidential elections, by becoming informed about current pending bills and laws, we can help petition for what we believe in. Matt Suhosky, a Teenage Republicans Club member, also noted that we can share our thoughts on a school level. He said, “The administrators are always open to opinions and they like to hear the voices of the students.” Mrs. Radosevic, Teenage Republicans Club’s sponsor stated, “All citizens have the chance to voice their opinion through peaceful demonstrations, testimonials, lobbying, and the list goes on. It is the democratic way of letting us voice our opinions to our legislators. However, many people are unaware of the issues going on around us.”

  Standing up for what you believe in takes courage, but it can have a huge impact. If there is a current issue that you  feel strongly about you can also schedule a meeting with your legislator. Even as young students, we can get involved and our voices can be heard.

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